Tales About Friendship Kęstutis Navakas, Marija Smirnovaitė

Tales About Friendship

Published: 2014

ISBN: 9786094194399

Number of pages: 54

Dimensions: 228 mm x 232 mm

Cover: Hardback

Publisher: UAB leidykla Jūsų Flintas

Four beautifully illustrated original tales in this book invite for a little talk about friendship, tolerance for those who look or behave di erently, and about the courage to be yourself. Written by nationally acclaimed author Kestutis Navakas. Most beautiful book of the year by IBBY.

Mosquitoe Quito cares only about ying, but not about where to. He even doesn’t care who he will land on. Elephants also walk anywhere they like. They ask nobody for directions. Once Quito landed on a huge elephant Ele...

This story shows the di culties we meet having very narrow attitude and the importance of noticing those who are around.

Witty story about two friends - gira e Gi and monkey Mo - living together and facing the di culties because of their habits and interests, even their looks. Finally they reveal the way to get along with each other and enjoy the sunsets together.

There was a cat, named Moo, and the cow, who’s name was Meow...

Heart warming story about friendship, tolerance and the importance of being oneself.

Everybody sometimes feel lonely and sad, that is why it is important to have friends. This story is about a woodpecker Woo living in a forest all alone. But there are plenty of animals in another forest. One day the woodpecker decides to invite them, but it is not that simple as it might look.

Kęstutis Navakas

Kęstutis Navakas (1964) is one of the most visible Lithuanian poets. He grew up in Kaunas, which figures in his work as his beloved city, and he has been a very active participant in the city’s cultural life. Besides writing for the cultural media, Navakas opened his own bookshop, which was one of the first private initiatives to organise literary events. He has also worked for television as a book reviewer, and has translated quite a lot of poetry from German and English. His own writing is marked by a very playful attitude towards language. He debuted as a poet and has published five collections of poetry, but he later also started writing essays. His writing is elegant, playful, erotic, and full of joie de vivre, with slightly decadent overtones. For him, no word has a single fixed meaning; he associates freely, even phonetically, and frequently uses quotes and references to spice up his writing. ‘I am an adventurer’, he once said in an interview, perfectly characterising both his personality and his work.

Visi laiškai – žirafos (2012)

For one year Kęstutis Navakas and his real-life partner Akvilė Žilionytė wrote letters to each other, and published them in a cultural weekly. Put together in a book, the letters are proudly called ‘a novel’. This is not like any other novel you have seen before. It tells a story, several in fact, and most of them are absolutely real; but that is beside the point. It is first and foremost a stylistic literary experiment, pushing at the boundaries, and more often than not crossing into the surreal. The letters discuss everything, from everyday subjects to the most sophisticated matters, They contain plenty of cultural references and allusions, their impressions of films, paintings and books, and silly stories that happen at home or in the street. This funny and perceptive, but most of all surprising and unexpected book was immediately received with enthusiasm by critics and literary experts.

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