Six years in Saigon. Unforgettable life in Saigon Vita Vilimaitė Lefebvre Delattre

Six years in Saigon. Unforgettable life in Saigon

Published: 2015

ISBN: 9786090117743

Number of pages: 384

Dimensions: 165 mm x 233 mm

Cover: Paperback/softback

Publisher: UAB Alma littera

"If you want to survive in Asia, you will have to adapt."

These are stories about a journey on elephants in the Central Vietnam. About the slushy mountain roads in North Vietnam that have been furrowed by the travelers' motorcycle wheels. About upland women and their fight for a right to live their own lives. About a sleek, inaccesible, insidious world of the modern Vietnamese, hidden under communist slogans. About the comic, and sometimes even tragic-comic incidents at a local editorial office, where the author has worked for three years.
This is a book about destiny. As the author was searching for hers, she traveled all over Vietnam, experienced some remarkable adventures, listened to al lot of stories - she changed during that year herself. Her worldview was also influenced by the lifestyle of local people as well as their traditions that are strongly interwined with faith. The author with all due respect tries to reveal the authenticity of Vietnam, and fearfully watches how the modern Western culture impacts this far-away Southeast Asian country.

- A cognitive and culinary journey in one book - Vietnamese customs, lifestyle, faith and food.
-In 2015, the book was nominated for the best travel books' category.

Vita Vilimaitė Lefebvre Delattre

Vita Vilimaitė Lefebvre Delattre is a proffesional journalist. She has been a chief editor of the Lithuanian "Cosmopolitan" magazine, and has also worked at commercial TV channels as well as in press. Currently she lives in Paris, where she writes and raises two children.


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