Winged Letters Leonardo da Vinci

Winged Letters

Published: 2016

ISBN: 9786099564210

Number of pages: 26

Cover: Hardback

Publisher: VšĮ Verslas ar Menas

This book includes four tales created more than five hundred years ago by the Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci. ­The main characters in these tales are birds. The content of these tales has a deeper meaning, affecting the sensitivity of values, and encouraging communication between children and adults as well as the desire to help others.

“Winged Letters” is a unique collection of tales for children and can be read through sight, touch and hearing. The illustrations in this book are provided in a convex form, which can be perceived not only by sight, but also by touch. The illustrations were tested by visual impairment experts of different ages and professions and later improved for the final result. This book lets blind and visually impaired children enjoy a more interactive reading experience.

This is also an educational book for sighted children who can recognise the characters or details in these tales when their eyes are closed, using only their fingers, and develops the children’s motility. The Braille in this book encourages children to think and learn more about the world of blind people, improving their social values and encouraging their desire to understand the invisible environment.

The text in the book is conveyed by sight, Braille and audio (on the CD).


This book won the award of „The most beautiful Lithuanian book of the year, 2015“ and “Lithuanian Press Product of the Year, 2016”. The book was included in international catalog of books for kids and youth "The White Ravens, 2016".


VšĮ Verslas ar Menas
Šventosios g. 8A, LT93262 Klaipėda