Dominicus in the Spirit Kingdom Vytautas V. Landsbergis

Dominicus in the Spirit Kingdom

Published: 2017

ISBN: 9789955811947

Number of pages: 96

Publisher: UAB Dominicus Lituanus

In the fourth book horse Dominicus ends up in the afterlife, where he meets his relatives that he has long not seen and has to find out how to return to the field to his mourning lover. In the previous books horse Dominicus did everything to save his cornflower and now it is time for her to save him, because that’s what the love is about – giving in return.

This journey adds new, more dramatic colors to the love of the horse and the flower. This heartwarming and playful story joins two main themes – love and death. The book shares the idea that life does not end after death and it contemplates on the topic of afterlife that has been intriguing humanity since the beginning of time.
Horse Dominicus has to find a way to return to life, but it is a fairytale after all and fairytales have good endings.

Vytautas V. Landsbergis

Vytautas V. Landsbergis (1962) is a sort of Jack-of-all-trades, a filmmaker, musician and theatre director. However, his fame rests on his books for children. His father, Vytautas Landsbergis, is probably the most important political figure in modern Lithuanian independence, but in fact he comes from a very educated and very musical family Both his parents are professional pianists and long-time teachers of music. Landsbergis, who is himself a father of five, indulges little in political activities, but his books for children are loved by parents, because they are so thoughtful and educational. They are loved by children too, because they are such fun and so entertaining. Many of his stories have been adapted with great success for children’s theatres, and, along with Kęstutis Kasparavičius, he is one of the regular contestants in the Book of the Year award.

Arklio Dominyko meilė (2004)

Dominykas the Horse is one of the host of the many anthropomorphised animals that inhabit the world of Vytautas V. Landsbergis’ books, along with Zita the Little Mouse, and Eugenijus the Moose. This book, which won the IBBY award in 2004, was adapted for the theatre, and at the moment it is in the process of being turned into an opera, Dominykas the Horse falls in love with a pretty but rather spoilt cornflower. When the autumn comes, he hides his cornflower under a rock to protect it from the coming frosts, and travels to far away Africa, where he makes a lot of interesting new friends. Finally, he reaches a huge field of cornflowers, from which his beloved comes. However, as the spring approaches, Dominykas goes back, because his love is about to appear from under the rock once again. When she reappears, Dominykas gives her the most beautiful name he can think of, Svajonė, which means Dream.

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