Three seconds of the sky

Three seconds of the sky

Published: 2015

ISBN: 9786090119549

Number of pages: 200

Dimensions: 143 mm x 213 mm

Cover: Hardback

Publisher: UAB Alma littera

The novel “Three seconds of the sky” is about a generation that is separated from the world by three seconds’ interval. A generation of misfits lost in time and believing in nothing. It is an authentic, painful, bitter, annoying, blasphemous and macabre story. The ruthless author is displeased with everything: love, death, faith, men and women, revolution, heroism, and Greek myths. There is no topic left ungrounded down by the author.

His driving force is anger and doubt, alcohol and women. But that also disappoint. As well as helpless God and simple Homo sapiens, and the storytelling itself. There is nothing to hang on. What’s left? Doubt, search and anger, attempt to love. Being alive. Because three seconds of the sky belong to everyone.

“Three seconds of the sky” is a good vaccine: protecting from excessive idiotic optimism, from nostalgia, from silly enthusiasm and slobbery sentimentalism. Man is between an angel and an animal. Sigitas Parulskis continually reminds this to us.


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