The Riddle of Anikė from Tarawa Antanas Stanevičius

The Riddle of Anikė from Tarawa

Published: 2015

ISBN: 9786094320835

Number of pages: 208

Dimensions: 140 mm x 210 mm

Cover: Paperback/softback

Publisher: UAB Eglės leidykla

An illustrated story about the return of the memorial to honour the Prussian poet Simon Dach (1605-1659) born in Klaipėda and the relations of the prototype of his poem character Annie of Tharaw with the originators of Lithuanian writing.

Simon Dach, who was the most famous poet in Karaliaučius in the 17th century, mainly wrote anthems, and their translations are still sung at the Evangelical Lutheran churches. The professor and rector of Karaliaučius University early in his life wrote the poem “Ännchen von Tharau” (“Annie of Tharaw”). After composing and tuning the melody to the poem, it became a folk song still performed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Friedrich Partatius, the first-born of Anna Neander-Partatius (Annie of Tharaw) was the priest of Įsrutis Lithuanian Parish who translated the Bible into Lithuanian, and some fragments of those translations have survived. His great-great-grandson is the German writer, composer and artist Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann.

Antanas Stanevičius

Antanas Stanevičius

Antanas Stanevičius was born on 26 July 1953 in Užunevėžių village, Panevėžys district.
In 1970, he finished Raguva secondary school.
In 1975, he graduated from Vilnius University where he acquired a degree in journalism.
From 1972 to 1974 he worked as a reporter of the university’s weekly “Tarybinis studentas” (The Soviet Student).
From 1974 to 1983 he was a reporter of the Lithuanian daily “Tiesa” (The Truth).
From 1983 to 1986 he was a reporter and executive secretary of the Lithuanian weekly “Literatūra ir menas” (Literature and Art), from 1986 to 2002 worked as the chief editor of the daily “Tarybinė Klaipėda” (The Soviet Klaipėda) and “Klaipėda”.
From 2002 till now he has been director of UAB Eglės Leidykla.
He is a member of the Union of the Lithuanian Art Photographers, the Status of an Artist was granted in 2005.
He is the author of the poetry books “Viešbutis” (1989) (The Hotel), “Namai” (2000) (The Home), the publicist book in German “Rätselraten um Ännchen von Tharau” (The Mystery of Annie of Tharaw) (1992, second supplemented edition 2006, third supplemented edition 2015, Lithuanian supplemented edition 2009), the photo albums “Romantiškoji Klaipėda” (2002) (The Romantic Klaipėda), “Auksinė Žuvėdra” (2005) (The Golden Seagull) “Klaipėda at a Glance” (2007), “Atkaklioji Žuvėdra” (2011) (The Persistent Seagull), the essay books “Valentinas Greičiūnas: gerus darbus daryti niekada nevėlu!” (2004) (Valentinas Greičiūnas: It’s Never Too Late to Do Good Deeds!), “Lietuvos Nepriklausomybės Akto signatarai. Alfonsas Žalys” (2009) (The Signatories of the Act of Independence of Lithuania. Alfonsas Žalys), the co-author, compiler and editor of many photo albums and books, and the organiser of many personal photography exhibitions. The most prominent photography exhibitions and collections: “Namie ir svetur” (1999) (Home and Away), “2000-ųjų nuotraukos” (2000) (The Photographs from the Year 2000), “Romantiškoji Klaipėda” (2002) (The Romantic Klaipėda), “Maktub” (2004), “Krikščioniškasis Egiptas” (2005) (The Christian Egypt), “Auksinė Žuvėdra” (The Golden Seagull), “Armėnija Ararato akyse” (2006) (Armenia in the Eyes of Ararat), “Šalom, Izraeli!” (2008) (Shalom, Israel!), “Lietuviškoji Klaipėda” (2010) (The Lithuanian Klaipėda), “Jeigu tave užmirščiau, Jeruzale…” (2012) (If I Forgot You, Jarusalem...), “Antaninės” (2015) (The Feast of St. Anthony).


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