Unforgettable Names of Lithuania Justinas Sajauskas

Unforgettable Names of Lithuania

Published: 2015

ISBN: 9786098037500

Number of pages: 356

Dimensions: 145 mm x 210 mm

Cover: Hardback

Publisher: Lietuvos gyventojų genocido ir rezistencijos tyrimo centras

The literary miniatures vividly depict the life of Lithuanian partisans, signalmen, supporters of the resistance struggle and post-war reality in Lithuania. Resolute courage and cowardice, loyalty to the ideals of freedom and betrayals, serious considerations and mischievous smile, reality and artistic artifice – all are linked and intertwined, or maybe deliberately twisted, for us to compare and conceive. The author of the book strives neither to embellish nor to belittle the events of that time. He barely sensitively and creatively witnesses.


The Postwar. A schoolgirl Grybauskaitė is going to
her aunt in the village to get back on her feet. It’s almost impossible
to get any food in town.
She has to cross the Šunskai wood. She gets lucky: a villager takes
her to his cart. They clatter over the tree roots and chat.
“You are going alone through the forest. Aren’t you afraid of
wolves?” inquires the driver.
“There aren’t any wolves in the Šunskai forest, are there?!”
“Well, well,” purrs the man. “There are different kinds of wolves.”
He helped the passenger out and drove his way. And at once,
four ‘wolves’ appeared. Young, in uniforms. Their clean shirts
They sidled next to her and travelled together, asking her questions
about this and that. They left her alone only at her aunt’s doorstep.
The aunt didn’t want to keep the ‘vacationer’ for a longer time.
“You’d better go home,” she suggested. “It will come to no good.”
The girl obeyed and soon she again idled in a hungry Marijampolė.
A few months later, some gymnasium sch



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