Kake Make and the Dwarf of Mess Lina Žutautė

Kake Make and the Dwarf of Mess

Published: 2010

ISBN: 9789955387657

Number of pages: 36

Dimensions: 210 mm x 210 mm

Cover: Hardback

Publisher: UAB Alma littera

Rumours are flying around that after the book "Kake Make and the Dwarf of Mess" was published, all kids learned and got used to being tidy.

The book tells a story about a naughty girl named Kornelija, who nicknames herself Kake Make. This little mischief hates being tidy, so her grandmother tells a story about the Dwarf of Mess who visits such stubborn children at night and tidies up their toys scattered around the whole room. One night Kake Make wakes up and sees that mystical Dwarf who is tidying away her things and putting them into his bag. The girl decides to follow the Dwarf and climbs up the ladder after him to the Moon and gets into his secret shed. In that place the little Kake Make has to fulfill some tasks (and the young readers are also encouraged to engage in this process!). Of course, one of the most important tasks is to put all things scattered around into places they belong to. When all challenges are completed, the girl wakes up in her room - the room where all her yous are placed neatly on the shelves. But that is not the end of the story. The last page is dedicated to parents - the other night, the Dwarf of Mess carrying his special bag appears in the parents' bedroom and is highly determined to tidy everything up.

Lina Žutautė

Lina Žutautė was born in 1973 in Siauliai, Lithuania.
Graduated from Šiauliai Children‘s Art School.
1992-1999 studies at the Art Faculty, Šiauliai University.
Now she is a painter and illustrator of children's book and, as an artist, she has reffered to herself as "a bit of a writer".


Biennial of Illustration Bratislava (BIB), Slovak Republic, 2009.

The book art exhibition “From Drawing to Book”, gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2009.

Children’s book festival NAMBOOK-010 Peace story, Korea, 2010.

Biennial of Illustration Bratislava (BIB), Slovak Republic, 2011.


2009 diploma from the book art exhibition “From Drawing to Book”, gallery “Arka”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

2010 “Kake Make and Elf the Mess” awarded by the IBBY Lithuanian Section as the book of the year for the youngest readers.

2012 "Ferdinandas and Pu" awarded by IBBY as the book ofthe year for children.

2013 Children Literature award.

2017 "Kake make and the Big Dark" has won the first place in "Children, Young Adult and Parents Jury" (BĒRNU, JAUNIEŠU UN VECĀKU ŽŪRIJA) contest, age category 5+ (Latvia).


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