Lithuania in 1940–1991: the History of Occupied Lithuania Arvydas Anušauskas

Lithuania in 1940–1991: the History of Occupied Lithuania

Published: 2015

ISBN: 9786098037548

Number of pages: 592

Dimensions: 168 mm x 235 mm

Cover: Paperback/softback

Publisher: Lietuvos gyventojų genocido ir rezistencijos tyrimo centras

The collective monograph presents the latest history research of the five decades-long foreign annexation of Lithuania. The publication summari-ses all the developments: the wars and their consequences; economic changes; cultural restrictions; the resistance movement; the world-wide diaspora of Lithuanians and Lithuania-based dissidents, who fought for independence until it was regained.


''The date of 15 June 1940 is the date of the beginning of the occupation of Lithuania. That day the first and only clear instruction to the army from its head Division General V. Vitkauskas and Chief of Staff Division General S. Pundzevičius was order No. 107. It stated that: “after the Lithuanian government accepted the demands of the Soviet government to establish new Soviet army garrisons in Lithuania, on 15 June of this year at 3.00 p. m. parts of the Soviet army started their march across the border into the country”. Division commanders were ordered to organize the welcome of Soviet troops in their respective areas by sending commanders of the units to meet them and introduce themselves and in
the more important areas to do this themselves [division commanders]. All the rules of courtesy and friendly relations, like those applied to previously deployed army garrisons were to be applied to the marching army.
The goal of the Kremlin that the Lithuanian army would not put up armed re


Arvydas Anušauskas

Arvydas Anušauskas (born 1963) is a Lithuanian historian, publicist and politician.

In 1989 he graduated from the Faculty of History at Vilnius University. In 1995 he completed a doctoral degree in the Humanities. Since 2001 he is an Associate Professor.

After two decades of working at various academic institutions, he has turned to politics. Since 2008 – a member of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania. Already into his third term at the Parliament, A. Anušauskas continues his work at the Committee on National Security and Defence. He is also a Head of Provisional Group “For Historical Memory and Justice”.

As a historian, he investigates the history of terror, genocide and secret services. The author or co-author of 22 books. In addition, more than 100 studies and articles have been published in scientific journals of Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, France and Germany.


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