Fairy Stories from Misty Valley Edita Lei

Fairy Stories from Misty Valley

Published: 2015

ISBN: 9786098142228

Number of pages: 96

Publisher: MB Tikra knyga

A family living in a city inherit an old house in Misty Valley. This inheritance proves to be a challenge to these city dwellers, who are accustomed to a comfortable luxury lifestyle. It is especially worrying that the valley where the house is located is often covered in a mysterious fog. Because of the thick fog, Leah and her brother’s mother forbid the children from leaving the yard. However, one day Leah becomes acquainted to with a strange creature who tells her about the secrets of Misty Valley. Leah learns that beyond the wall of fog there is another world that is inhabited with fairies, gnomes, and elves. Needless to say, the children become very interested in this world.


On the ninth floor of an apartment house in the middle of a busy city street a woman named Melanie was sitting on the sofa. She was waiting for her husband, Hubert, to tear open an envelope. Suddenly, a girl ran into the room. A boy followed. These two young troublemakers were named Leah and Noah; they are brother and sister. They had no idea that very soon their family's life would change forever.

Dad tore open the envelope and began to read out loud. His voice wavered as he read the following words:

“I, Aurelia, leave Hubert my house in the village of Misty Valley with the condition that he never sells the house and that he spend every summer there with his family. He will need to take care of the garden, and grow vegetables and flowers...”

Dad grew silent. He put down the letter and gazed at Mom.

“It can't be!” Melanie said, shocked. She leapt from the sofa and snatched the letter out of Hubert's hands. She rea



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