Turn your dream http://katalogas.nkpk.lt/book/update?id=2006#tabs-6into reality Gintarė Davainienė

Turn your dream http://katalogas.nkpk.lt/book/update?id=2006#tabs-6into reality

Published: 2015

ISBN: 9786090121351

Number of pages: 366

Dimensions: 143 mm x 213 mm

Cover: Paperback/softback

Publisher: UAB Alma littera


A lecturer and an organizer of lectures and seminars, Gintarė Davainienė, who has been given a title of Day-Dreaming Teacher, shares her personal experience, openly tells about her path towards healing and making her dreams come true, teaches how to hear the voice of one's heart, encourages to undertake ECOLOGY OF THOUGHTS and TO DAY-DREAM CONSCIOUSLY.

What do I trully want? What are my true abilities? What is my purpose on this earth? Am I able to express myself as an individual? Am I happy in my family, and does my occupation satisfy me? Am I happy overall?

Get to know your true nature and resolve to live in accordance to it.

Turn into reality your dreams about success, health, the search of your true self, financial freedom, favorite job, self-expression, and relationships - Overcome your personal flaws and shortcomings, and start loving yourself - Realize that everything is possible, and rethink the values of your life.

Author's dreaming techniques do work because her published book that initially reached the readers was not in Lithuanian, but in English!

Gintarė Davainienė

Gintarė Davainienė – a beginning lecturer. She has read numerous lectures for different groups of women, as well as motivational seminars for entrepreneurs and lectures at secondary schools intended for children and teenagers. She conducts long-distance classes on the art of dreaming via Skype for several groups of women in Russia.

As Gintarė says, her greatest joy and achievement is the ever-increasing number of happy people, who are thankful for the inspiration that helps them pursue their goals.


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