Pranas Domšaitis. Reality of the Imagination Kristina Jokubavičienė

Pranas Domšaitis. Reality of the Imagination

Published: 2015

ISBN: 9786094260704

Number of pages: 608

Publisher: Lietuvos dailės muziejus

The artist Pranas Domšaitis (1880–1965), originally from Lithuania Minor, is one of the most famous Lithuanian emigre painters, an expressionist, perhaps the most prominent and only one in Lithuanian art, who matured his work in the milieu of this art wave in Germany. A son of farmers, later a student of the Königsberg Art Academy, he reached maturity surrounded by two cultures – German and Lithuanian – while his work formed under the impact of early 20th-century European modern art trends, becoming acquainted and participating in exhibitions with numerous famous artists. The routes of his creative journeys meanwhile extended through significant West European art centres.

Having reinstated Lithuania’s independence, the Lithuanian Foundation donated to Lithuania and the Lithuanian Art Museum a collection of 665 works by Domšaitis in 1989–2006. The collection donated in 2001, containing oil paintings, watercolours, graphic art works and embroidered pictures.

This publication shall for the first time feature reproductions of all the works by Domšaitis that have been donated to Lithuania by the Lithuanian Foundation, including reproductions of the obverse side of two-sided paintings. It also presents published, corrected and new facts about Domšaitis’ life and work, including as yet unpublished documents and photographs.


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