Thief at School Karolis Petryla, Vytautas Ironvytas Medineckas

Thief at School

Published: 2016

ISBN: 9786094420962

Number of pages: 272

Dimensions: 142 mm x 213 mm

Cover: Hardback

Publisher: UAB Didakta

"Thief at School” is the first anti-bullying novel in Lithuania of its kind that is written for teenagers (their parents also find useful information) and it is written in hip-hop manner. The book already left a mark in Lithuania: children after reading this book use it in their essays at the final exams, schoolchildren are winning awards when they express this book at the school contests rather than using classic authors. Why this book is so popular against teenagers and why it is useful for them? Because “Thief at school” is the only novel that touches the subjects they need answers to: bullying, problems with learning, loneliness, social networks, suicide, not knowing what to do in life, first love, drugs, parents divorce, diseases and lots of other issues that are important to teenagers and these problems vanish with every book page.

What makes this book unique

The idea to write the book “Thief at School” came to authors when they found practical life law -those who get bullied most, latter in life are more successful (victims go up, bullies go down), sadly, lots of teenagers don’t know that and sometimes commit suicide. Main goal of the book is to show that many successful people (e. g. rapper Eminem, MMA star Conor McGregor, legendary athlete Michael Phelps) suffered from bullying, but vision helped them through difficult times at school. So, the book is full of true stories, it is written in easy reading manner, including hip-hop techniques, showing how learning can be useful (thus a thief - steal knowledge from school), how to use it to find your vision.

Book cover annotation

One day a 16y old teenager, underdog, school’s victim, that is made fun of everyday, gets an offer to take part in Livingston freestyle battle. But is it possible for Amal, how to face the fears, when voice trembles even speaking before classmates - fear of being rejected, making fun of and getting more bullying. Angry at his life, school, without seeing any bright future, with his friend’s help he gets on a stage… This one shaky step fulfills life with new, unexpected colors.

About authors

Charlie P (Karolis Petryla) is a writer (4 published fiction and non-fiction books), business consultant, business law jurist, Lithuanian people with epilepsy association Epile president. Author in book “Thief at School” provides readers with true stories and proves that the ones who get bullied, latter in life become more successful.

Ironvytas (Vytautas Medineckas) - famous Lithuanian rapper, businessman, TV persona. In book “Thief at School” author provides readers with rap techniques, shows how to use dictionary ingeniously and is responsible for poems.


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