The Carousel of Emotions Jolanta Sungailienė

The Carousel of Emotions

Published: 2016

ISBN: 9786094420955

Number of pages: 176

Dimensions: 122 mm x 200 mm

Cover: Hardback

Publisher: UAB Didakta

“The Carousel of Emotions” is a cognitive, expanding awareness and a healing book. In the book you will find the meaning of emotions and how people think and react in different situations.

Emotions are often underestimated. Sharing her own experience author allows the reader to understand emotions in different life situations and shows their impact on one’s health.

She speaks about exploiting energy limits, crossing lines, and shows how simple, unnoticeable things can lead to addiction. A person will be able to recognize himself in a variety of situations and see himself from many angles.

Book reveals how some people spin in the carousel of emotions and explains who could be responsible for that. The journey of learning through the emotional mind perspective is extremely interesting and useful.

It is easy to read, and is understandable to any readers of any age in any part of the world. Teenagers, youngsters and their parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents will find something interesting and valuable in it. The novel structure of the book - the author's conversation with the reader - allows the reader to track the flow of thought and experience a meditative state.

After reading this book you will feel much better, much more confident. The fears and for some, even addictions will vanish, to be replaced by understanding and emotional stability. You will learn to understand your limits, know when not to cross the line and learn to use your inner power.

It is to the author’s credit that she can explain complex situations with ease and touch people’s souls by being frank and sincere, spreading spirituality and love.

Jolanta Sungailienė has degrees in philology and economics. But she states - nothing can compare to life experience which has given the main knowledge of psychology and existence. Peculiar understanding of the world and assumption of nature laws has led to writing books. The books help readers find inner peace and achieve life harmony. Jolanta Sungailiene has authored articles on the subject of emotions. Conversation therapy and even healing everyone will experience while talking to the author. Jolanta Sungailiene is interested and works in these fields: phototherapy, psychology, well-being, neuro-linguistic programming, English teaching (has created her own programme for beginners, elementary and pre-intermediate levels of teaching, using her positive neuro-linguistic programming skills at The author has vast experience in dealing with people. She is a sociable, creative and warm person. Talking to her you will always feel like talking to a friend you have known for many years.

Jolanta Sungailiene has published three books so far. Two of them, “The Carousel of Emotions” and “Food Destroying Machine” have been published by publishing house “Didakta”.


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