Four Secrets how to learn letters and music notes Linas Kontrimas

Four Secrets  how to learn letters and music notes

Published: 2016

ISBN: 9786098142242

Number of pages: 40

Cover: Hardback

Publisher: MB Tikra knyga

There are a lot of different sounds in the world. They have their own houses and cities. Together they will become words and sentences. Also the sounds can be music notes. If you know four secrets, it will be much easier to learn languages and read musical notes.


All sorts of letters lived inside a book:

Big and small, long and short.

A little girl and even littler boy

Gazed at them and thought—Oh, how beautiful.

They are so small, and seem so silent,

But they speak softly to adults.

The children had seen hundreds of times

How Daddy and Mommy hold a book,

And how the book begins to talk:

The book says something and Daddy frowns,

Or makes Mommy giggle.

So you see! Somehow letters talk and have something to say.

But how? What do they say? How do we know?


MB Tikra knyga
Latgalių g. 55, LT08112 Vilnius



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