Boomba Doomba in Dangling Bagels Street Tomas S. Butkus

Boomba Doomba in Dangling Bagels Street

Published: 2016

ISBN: 9786099546476

Number of pages: 40

Dimensions: 240 mm x 170 mm

Cover: Hardback

Publisher: VšĮ Vario burnos

In 2012, Boomba Doomba entered the world of literature as a curious and ingenious man, always restless and willing to learn more. Following his travels round the peripheries of the universe in the first book, this time he gets to town. “Where else, if not in a town, one can find friends” - Boomba Doomba decides and the adventures begin in Dangling Bagels Street.

Intricate labyrinths of streets, whispering shadows and mysterious balls of fumes, i.e. everything that is described in this book happened almost in reality. “This place in Vilnius had the name of Kaminai earlier. I used to walk along and across the street and later Boomba Doomba dropped by”, – says the author of the book. This book offers something new: empty spots for kids to colour where all pictures are joined to make a painting almost 10 meters in length.

“Boomba Doomba and the Creation of the Universe”, the first children’s book by Tomas S. Butkus, received the Most Significant Debut 2012 award from the Lithuanian Section of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY) was among TOP 5 children’s books of 2013. In 2015, Boomba Doomba represented Lithuania in Bologna Book Fair.

Tomas S. Butkus

Tomas S. Butkus (Klaipėda, 1975) is an independent publisher and editor-in-chief of Vario burnos, established in 1992. Since then he has been working in various interdisciplinary fields, participated in international programmes and contests including: Young Writers Meeting in Visby (Gotland, Sweden in 2001), International Writing Program (Iowa City, USA in 2002), Baltic Ring sessions (Finland in 2002-2003), International Young Publisher of the Year award competition (London, UK in 2004) and others. Tomas S. Butkus is also a member of the group of sound and poetry Betoniniai Triušiai (“Concrete Bunnies”). As cultural entrepreneur and book designer he involved in more than 200 local and international publications and projects. His most famous book is “City as Event. Urban study for cultural functions” (2011), and a set of books for children “Boomba Doomba and the Creation of the Universe” (2012) and “Boomba Doomba & the Dangling Bagels Street” (2016).

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