Biblia Lithuanica Samueli Boguslai Chylinski. Tomus 3: Fontes ad Historiam Samueli Boguslai Chylinski Bibliae Lithuanicae Illustrandam Gina Kavaliūnaitė

Biblia Lithuanica Samueli Boguslai Chylinski. Tomus 3: Fontes ad Historiam Samueli Boguslai Chylinski Bibliae Lithuanicae Illustrandam

Published: 2015

ISBN: 9786094596285

Number of pages: 627

Publisher: Vilniaus universitetas

This volume is part of a publishing project devoted to Samuel Boguslaus Chylinskis’ Lithuanian Bible. Chylinskis’ translations of the Old and New Testament are reproduced in vol. 1 (published in 2008) and vol. 2 (to appear in 2018) respectively. Vol. 3 consists of a collection of source documents for the history of the Chylinskis’ Bible. It contains both previously known and newly discovered documents shedding light on Chylinskis’ life and work, spanning the period between 1634 and 1702. The topics reflected in the documents include: the intellectual climate among Lithuanian Reformed Protestants in Chylinskis’ formative years; Chylinskis’ personal life and work; the Lithuanian Reformed Synod’s appeals to English Protestants to provide relief to Lithuanian Protestant churches devastated during the “Deluge” (1654–1660); the collection held in England toward the printing of a Lithuanian Bible and relief for the Lithuanian Protestant churches; Jan Krainski, envoy of the Lithuanian Reformed Synod, his mission to England and his doings after his return to Lithuania; canons and records of the Lithuanian Reformed Synod pertaining to a Polish translation of the commentaries of Chylinskis’ translation source, the Dutch Estates Bible; and the Lithuanian Reformed Protestants’ endeavours to have the New Testament printed in a Lithuanian translation. The source documents published here are heterogeneous in nature, ranging from printed brochures and acts to manuscript texts—acts of the Lithuanian Reformed Synod, Privy Council Records, entries in church registers, matriculation rolls, private letters, petitions etc.

The source documents are reproduced in facsimile and provided with transcriptions of the manuscripts, Lithuanian translations and editorial as well as factual commentaries; with a bibliography and indices of personal and geographical names.

The volume is compiled and provided with an introduction and commentaries by Gina Kavaliūnaitė and illustrated by Šarūnas Leonavičius.

Gina Kavaliūnaitė

Gina Kavaliūnaitė-Holvoet is a research worker at the Department of Baltic Studies, Vilnius University. In 2003 she was awarded her doctoral degree for a thesis on the sources of Samuel Boguslaus Chylinskis' translation of the New Testament. She has authored many publications on the language and the history of Chylinskis' Bible translation. Her principal domain of interest are the history of Lithuanian Bible translations, the history of the Lithuanian language, the linguistic analysis of Old Lithuanian texts, and the history of the Reformation.

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